Engineering In Focus

Engineering In Focus

From transport systems to green tech, Bristol is on the cusp of major infrastructure investment. The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and its members are the invisible superheroes of this transformation. As ICE celebrates its 200th birthday we uncover the city’s often unnoticed feats of civil engineering.

Our Engineering Heritage

Clifton Rocks Railway An underground oddity, Clifton’s funicular railway (no.20).
Underfall Yard See what makes the Floating Harbour float (no.70).
Redcliffe Caves Complex 15th century mine workings (no.44).
Clifton Suspension Bridge Revealing hidden chambers beneath the Leigh Woods tower (no.21).
Brunel’s Swivel Bridge Swing by Brunel’s forgotten bridge (no.15).

Keep the City Moving

The Bristol Port Company Tour two modern, thriving docks (no.90).
Avonmouth Asphalt Plant See how green technology fuels the city (no.7).
Bristol Waste Company See what it takes to clean Bristol’s streets (no.14).

Active Engineering

(Re)building Bristol Ramboll examine how engineering has shaped, and reshaped, Bristol’s historic centre (no.78).
Buildings by Boat Get a new perspective with this tour along the Floating Harbour (no.81).
Queens Engineering Building Testing in action at Bristol University’s seismic shaking table (no.72).
Bridge the Gap Hands-on bridge building workshop recreating Second Severn Crossing (no.96).

"ICE is proud to support Bristol Open Doors 2018 as part of its ICE 200 programme of events. Civil engineers are invisible superheroes, who transform lives for the better and safeguard our future. The open days offer us the chance to highlight this to the general public, showcasing the civil engineering that often goes unnoticed."


- Miranda Housden, ICE Director South West


ICE’s vision is to place civil engineering at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise. https://ice.org.uk/about-ice/near-you/uk/south-west


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