Hidden Harbour: Stories of a Radical City

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Hidden Harbour: Stories of a Radical City

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

What stories does the harbour hold? Which tales lie untold?

In 2020 Bristol’s quayside drew the eyes of the world. Join us for a journey through 1,000 years of history from the Merchant traders, slaves and slavers, to a statue thrown unceremoniously into the water.

Featuring No. 10 Guinea Street, Bristol’s lively harbourside, hidden caves and Mshed docks, this special tour is created by the multi award-winning city poet Vanessa Kisuule in collaboration with the people of Bristol.

Hear from the curators, the shakers and the history-makers of this radical city.

Starting Point: The Architecture Centre, 16 Narrow Quay


About the Tours

Explore Bristol in a series of digital audio walking tours. Uncover the city’s secrets, guided by the people who know Bristol best. Listen to local legends as they guide you on your journey, from ship captains to graffiti artists, historians to craft brewers. This tour is created by Bristol Open Doors in partnership with VisitBristol, MShed, Bristol Harbour Festival, 10 Guinea St, Watershed, Bristol Ferry Boats and the people of Bristol.

How will it work?

1. The tours are suitable for explorers of all ages, and start on the harbour. All you need is a smartphone and headphones.
2. Pick your preferred day and start time and buy your tickets.
3. The day before the tour, we’ll send you simple instructions to download the app and your chosen tour in advance of the weekend.
4. Ensure your phone is fully charged and arrive at the starting point to join your fellow adventurers for a socially-distanced introduction, given by one of our producers.
5. Press play and follow the instructions for your personal tour. The tours take between 60 – 90 minutes, depending on your pace, and you can stop whenever you want. Please arrive promptly at the stated start time.
6. Explore!

Will it be socially distanced?

Absolutely. Places on each tour are limited to avoid crowding, and the tours guide you to outdoor areas only. There will be ample room for adventurers to spread out on your personal journey. We ask everyone to adhere to government guidelines of social distancing, and to be considerate of fellow explorers.

No refunds or exchanges. The tours are designed to be covid-proof. In the rare event of further lockdown, we will reschedule the dates, and give you the option to join on the new dates or do the tour at a time of your choosing.

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