House of Mirrors Sensory Experience

House of Mirrors Sensory Experience

Visit this Multi Sensory Sound installation, the new and exciting way of communicating with people with special needs!

House of Mirrors takes part in this years Bristol Open Doors. It will be exhibited in the foyer of the Engine Shed over the weekend. Opening hours: Friday 10-4pm and Saturday 10-3pm.

In partnership with Drake Music, CEDA and Falmouth University Academy for Innovation & Research (AIR), artist Rob Olins developed a new multi-sensory installation using Sound “Mirrors” that toured 10 special schools in the South West of England.

These large forms reflect and focus sound to a sweet spots marked by red dots on the floor. The installation was adapted to suit the school, sited either inside, outside (or both) in many cases the audio content was made by the students themselves

The installation at the Engine Shed Bristol will show how sound mirrors work, and you will have this exciting opportunity to hear the focussed sounds, listen to what was made during the tour and even have a go at making you own audio installation yourself!


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