Programme Updates for 2019

Programme Updates for 2019

Our Sustainable Future

Bristol Open Doors is a huge civic event; a shared celebration of learning, powered by hundreds of passionate people for tens of thousands of visitors.

You’ll have noticed that some of the events have modest ticket prices attached to them this year. Why? Like many charities, we face challenging times as public funding is cut. Bristol Open Doors has to evolve so that it can continue to share the stories of our city across the generations. Whilst the majority of events remain free (over 90% of the programme), this year we’re introducing modest charges for a handful to help keep all the doors open.

Working with our venues and volunteers we trialled donation-based entry in 2018. Whilst we are very grateful to the brilliant donors who did contribute, this approach will not sustain the event into the future.

After Bristol Open Doors in 2018 we asked audiences what they would be prepared to pay for entry through our public Annual Audience Survey. This year we have introduced charges for a handful of events in 2019 at the low end of audience recommendations.

By purchasing a ticket, you not only get a wonderful adventure, but also help support the longevity of Bristol Open Doors.

Thank you!

Temple Meads Tunnels

Sadly, Bristol Temple Meads have had to close their doors to public tours of the tunnels after an independent fire assessment flagged concerns. We hope to see them back in the programme in the future.

Venues that Applied but weren’t Included this Year

Bristol is an awe-inspiring city with a long history. As such, there are hundreds of buildings, hidden spaces, architectural gems and feats of engineering all around us. Every year, we are privileged to receive applications from many, many venues, but as a small team with limited resource, we have to make difficult decisions about which venues to include in the programme. We rotate venues and prioritise a high-quality audience experience and a varied programme year on year.